Sunday, October 4, 2009

My tried and tested recipes

This post will be regularly updated with links to recipes that I like.

Veg kurma:
I had doubled the amount of fresh ground masala, and the kuzhambu turned out awesome!!

Haldiram Mung dal :

Chicken cream garlic :

Mushroom Biryani:
Note: this biryani came well the first time, and flopped the second time, when I ground up the fried onions. (Hubby likes taste of onions but hates to see them.)

Chicken rasam:
(for when you have a cold and crave spicy chicken soup) Hotel kurma:

Rava ladoo:
Easier than Kesari, I would say.

Hotel Kurma:
Tastes amazing!

Veg puffs:
This was very easy. You can experiment with the filling to find what suits you.

Shahi pulao:

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